Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

Hi. I am „elfaux.“ I am not easy listening and definitly not only vinyl. Errors, fails or mistakes are important part of my musical and also life concept. If it’s waveless – I am bored. It’s likely you pronounce or write my DJ name wrong, so this is also part of that concept. My life has a lot of faces besides the DJ thing: I am an architect, a student of urbanism, a violinist at STÜBAphilharmonie (an orchestra based at the Zughafen project in Erfurt), I like to do crosscountry golf and grafitti, I do have a strong opinion about politics and society and I like to post selfies from the toilet on instragram. And I make a good radio moderation as „Nancy Becker“ for Radio Anti Shanti. I am based in Dresden but recently living in Weimar.

What’s the idea behind your mix?

This is my softer side. Evolving a slow plot focused on a pattern of more clean and superficial sounds in contrast to this dirty and provocating workout-sound, I would do at a proper bass or techno party, it leads through a wide range of bpm, from ambient to rhythm to some kind of climax and a happy ending. The basic picture is my weakness for vaporwave especially when it melts with ambient, trap and EDM sounds and perfectly connects to some fresh lightweight footwork.

How did you approached that concept?

Usually I first sit on the carpet with some equipment around me and use a really professional strategy called „Try and Error“ to see if sounds are matching. Most tracks I wanted to put in the mix I already had in mind. Some are thrilling me for years, some artists I just recently discovered. I used Vinyl as well as my S2 controler and the F1 controler for Sampling. I love detail, so as always in my mixes there’s a bunch of samples, not missing the Wahrsagerin, who fortune-tells you the bloody sight on your future.

When and where did you started djing and how has it evolved over the time?

I grew up with Hiphop, Soul and Funk and was always digging music like crazy but never touched a single controler or turntable before 2016 when a good friend and also DJ AmX1 asked me to play at Jugendtanz. I am thankful for the support he gave me to put trust in myself. Since last year we have a project together called „Kraterjockeys“, which is quite experimental but also thrilling subgenre mixture between the slow dark techno he is doing and my trappy tail. Perfect for this festival moment outside when sun is rising.
I started with trap, since I was really in love with this „I dont give a shit“ attitude which at the same time was empowerment for myself and I could transport it to others. I got deeper in that harder and straighter sound of bassmusic. Beside playing dance music, I really like the opposite: to play at different venues where I can do more listening and relaxed sessions, where I can go more experimental and ambient.

Is there a record that triggered your interest in collecting music or even start to perform in front of an audience?

I was always collecting music, but for performing it was probably the genre of Phonk (trap with a slower rolling baseline and some pitched down looping vocals) with its bossy sound of DJ YUNG VAMP, that made me perfectly forget that I was too shy to enter the stage.

What is Tagträumer all about? What is the main spirit about the crew? What kind of people are involved?

What can I say. I am afraid I am getting to pathetic with this. Just a bunch of very special and divergent people with strong characters. I haven’t been there from the beginning, but It feels like family to me and I am thankful for this openminded diverse group out of people that do art, music, architecture, theater, science, social work or family business.

Sometimes I have the feeling it’s rather an attitude or feeling we transport through things we do. Put your pants down and ask why society think this is not normal. Instead of following stupid rules, we create cozy spaces, where people can be aware that there is higher level of being together, which makes it easy to overcome this whole fucked up world. This is true for the early days, where everything was more about partys, freetechs and whatnot, but is still today for projects that have a higher approach to political-cultural actions within the city and our neighborhood.

Where there certain spots / spaces / places / clubs that had an early impact on you?

I was born in Jena, so the club Kassablanca was the main spot within my teenagerlife. When I moved to Dresden I was hanging around a lot in Alte Chemiefabrik and Sektor Evolution. Last time I went to Sektor, I realised that I am going to this club for 10 years now. And it still feels very good.

What are your projects for the next time?

Besides some gigs, some podcasts, I am looking forward to the upcoming Tagträumer party in Sektor Evolution end of may. Also watch out for the theater festival „Szene-zeigen“ in august, this will be really special! Also writing my master thesis and some activism for example being part of the „Raumkonferenz“ in Dresden in June.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

Switching lights on is such a brutal moment. I go for some magical ponys with


Blank Bankshee – Solar Plexus
Kenji Kawai – M10 ?
KEVINTHECREEP – 0.9 Hz Euphoria’s Frequency
Tsuruda – Confusion
Tyler the Creator – Untitled 63
Hiatus Kaiyote – Choose Your Weapon
Vaperror – ://start_up_seq.exe
Internetuser x GOLD SMG – PlayStation 2
Ruben $igar – no he canít read
Vaperror – openME.up
Aalon$e – men$truation in the Jungle
Blank Banshee – Teen Pregnancy
Vaperror – Krystal GB
Tsuruda – 60%
Eprom – Vogel
J:Kenzo – Cross Polarity
Tsuruda – Witch Doctor
Eddie Beatz – Bong (Howie Lee Edit)
YAYAYA – Everything
Sonido Berzerk – Hecho (with Calculon & ReDraft)
Le Motel – Lukum
1 9 0 5 – 187tambourine
Austin Lebron – Voy Pa Ya
Die Wahrsagerin – Fuflion
OPERATOR5 – Beat 158



UV Podcast 061 – Elfaux.