To accompany our latest music podcast we sat down for an interview with the Hamburg based DJ trio and label honchos RSS Disco, enjoy.

Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication? Who’s RSS Disco?           

There’s been a lot of talk about this in the hedo-scientific community, we understand that you’re keen to solve the equation:

RSS DISCO (originally RSS Music Summary; later, two competing approaches emerged, which used the backronyms Really Simple Seduction and Relatively Serious Sequence respectively) is a type of continuous music feed which allows users and robots to access updates to recorded content in a standardized, easily-danceable format. This feed can, for example, allow a dancer to keep track of many different tracks in a single night. Any fun aggregator can periodically check RSS Disco for new content, allowing the content to be automatically passed from the turntable to the soundsystem. This passing of content is called DJing. An RSS experience (called “set”, “mix”, or “performance”) includes full frequencies, action and vibes.

RSS Disco
RSS Disco
What or who brought you guys together and who’s idea was it to start a trio?

Our mutual friend Paul invited us to play together for his birthday. Although we actually did not know each other too well back then, we liked the idea and came up with the plan to play our “standard” house and techno 12inches a bit slower and focus on warm/heartfelt/instrumental arioso music. The type that is often found on B-sides.

Popnoname, who had played before us at the party, sat on a chair next to the turntables and fell asleep. Naturally, we considered the whole thing a huge success and stuck with it!

RSS Disco
RSS Disco
What were the reasons to start a vinyl label in the 21st century?  

We were already DJing as RSS Disco for some time and stuffed our flats with countless records in the process. It felt like the logical step to also start creating. That’s how Mireia Records was conceived: Giving (good) music a platform and trying to accompany it with a special artwork, too. That’s why we usually do screen printing and stamping – every single record is handmade, unique, has an aura. We like to experiment with the format and play with the material. “In Dreams” was screen printed directly on one side of the vinyl. It took some research to find the right recipe for a color that would stick to the surface.

For the next release we are doing a “glow in the dark” sleeve. 

RSS Disco
Who’s Tomemitsu and what does California has to do with Hamburg?

Tomemitsu is a songwriter from California we first heard of back in 2013. His song “In Dreams” made it to our ears via an online-only “TV” show, where it was playing in the background. We immediately fell in love with it and without knowing each other we made a remix and sent it to him. When talking about releasing it on vinyl – it was only released on cassette before – we found out that our friend Stefan Marx had also been reaching out to Tomemitsu and named an art show after this track. 

The resulting vinyl was a cooperation of Tomemitsu, Stefan Marx and us. Tomemitsu gave us his song, Stefan did the design for the screen print and we printed the vinyl together in the Gängeviertel studios. From there it was going all the way back to Tomemitsu’s record player in California.

Today, the original and our remix got played over two million times on spotify and the record found its way into the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York. Quite a ride.

Still open to this day: a Tomemitsu concert tour through Europe. Let’s make it happen!

Confetti on your face or beer on your pants?

We prefer dancers on the booth/speakers/trees/bar…. it makes us truly happy to see people finding daring places to have a dance. Sometimes “people” are us. It’s called Podestosteron.

What are your personal picks for a Rausschmeißer?

Let’s not call it “Rausschmeisser” but rather look at the end of the night as one of the rare moments of communal freedom. Sounds a bit pretentious, but it’s the time of night where everyone who stayed has decided to forget about the next day and just stick with the here and now.

For us, these are some of the favorite moments of the night. It can be just one song that aims to plant a certain ease into the heads and hearts and to accompany you on the way home; but sometimes the “last song” might go on for two hours as well. 

That’d be considered a fail in terms of a Rausschmeisser, right?

1,2,3 no gravity!

Here’s a youtube playlist with their 6 picks: