In his work as a visual artist, Fabian Polinski shows a tender relationship to nature and an affinity to shifts in perception. For a reference check his video for Credit 00’s “The Garden” from the Deep in the Jungle EP that came out earlier this year. As yet unseen he mixes up wave and dub influenced slow jams into a weird and wonderful rollercoaster ride for our podcast series.

What have you been up to recently?

Most recently I renovated my new flat. I am really looking forward to move to a new place and get new energies. Apart from that it was a pretty cool summer! Livin’ la vida loca! I was part of the Nachtdigital crew for quite a few years and I built various scenes to hangout at the festival side together with friends. For this year’s last episode I built an object out of old TV screens, connected to one camera in the tent and one outside. Actually a video with this material should come out but sadly all tapes got stolen. 

Another highlight this year was to create a Glyk-floor for the party „Rituals“ at Funkhaus Weimar together with my friends Rama (aka Amond from whom I also used tracks in this mix) and Christoph (Dj Balduin). The location was a soundproof conference room with nice yellow carpet walls and office lights that just had to be reconstructed by us. We had a really cool night there and cleaning up afterwards was the fastest we ever did.

Glyk Rituals

I also did a video for Credit 00’s track „The Garden“ and I am really how it turned out. More to follow! 

Where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind where you in?

I recorded this mix in my living room in Leipzig with two cheap vinyl players and two different XDJs. It all came together in an old Pioneer DJM-500 mixer. It’s a funny group of machines. None is like the other and they have a lot of character. 

I am always pretty nervous when I am recording. I don’t want to cut afterwards, so it has to be one take. When there is time between tracks, I dance a bit, walk around in my room and look out of my window where is always a lot to watch. I am also printing out track lists so I know what comes next. Which sounds pretty odd when I think about it right now. 

Nevertheless, in the end it never works out how I planned it and I change a lot during the recording process. It’s kind of a non-spontaneous impulsive process. After several takes and repeated listening to different versions I had a final result. 

By the way, the main reason why I started mixing and recording music was to hear tracks I like in the way I like it. The result is what you can hear now as the Uncanny Valley Mix. 

yet unseen setup

Can you tell us anything about the production process of your video for Credit 00’s “The Garden”?

Alex (Credit 00) and I met and talked about the track and our ideas. Since I was sure about taking found footage content I started to look up the web for good material. The rest is trial and error. I was cutting randomly and arranging until I found a working pattern on which I followed to work at. After I had a final cut, I let the video run through an old TV and filmed the screen with a Mini-DV Cam. I have several plugins that try to be analogue, but they don’t come close to a camera in front of a screen. I played with zoom, a huge magnet and shutter varieties. I am also really happy about this video being part of the Istanbul Experimental Festival in 2019. 

Is there any connection between your work as a visual artist and your perception of music?

It is always an experimental and raw way of working on my projects. No matter what kind of media it is. When I studied in Weimar I did some dramatic scenic movies as well. Their style, stories and the way I like to deejay or do mixes and music is kind of equal. I always make own soundscapes and Foley sounds which translate my signature just like my taste in music: a bit dark, weird and exciting. And it all has in common that it is the opposite of Pop, which does not make it easier. 

von hier an – Fabian Polinski PREVIEW 720p AAC from Fabian on Vimeo.

Together with DJ Balduin you play music as Feuerbach. Can you tell us anything about this project?

Christoph and me met through music and small city vibes during our studies in Weimar. For a long time I wanted to organize events there, and with Christoph I met a good friend and partner to do so.  We had this idea of gatherings for more diverse music, not just to dance to. At the bar „Falken“ we did our first event with the unbeatable setup of one iPod, one record player and a Laptop with Traktor. It was a fantastic night! Since then, we organized several happenings focussing on hanging out together in one room with all kinds of music. Therefore some unforgettable titles came up like „Musik für Päarchen und Geysteskranke“, „Stöbern in der Viersäftelehre“, „Sorry“ and „music for none of the above“. 


One day, Christoph started the label „Glyk“ to put more musical highlights in this world. When it comes to events we team up and show what Glyk venues are about for us. So this name got to be the caption. Over time more friends got involved and a crew of musicians and DJs formed. We always try to provoke our audience without annoying them and give a certain themed feeling and attraction to our nights. 

I think it really works well in the combination of Feuerbach. We give each other the right amount of feelings, drama, edges and big moments. So this project represents our parties the best. The name Feuerbach by the way comes from a flat in Ludwig- Feuerbach-Straße where we both lived and had important times, personally. 

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