Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

Hi, I am Sebastian and I have been living and working in Dresden for 7 years. I grew up in the ‘Erzgebirge’ in a small village close to the boarder of Czech republic, so you can imagine there wasn’t so much to do up there besides listening to music. I quickly became obsessed with it and now 15 years later I’m here.

Where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind where you in?

The mix was recorded with two synq x-trm1 turntables and a xone 43 4-channel mixer at home sweet home.
I stopped counting the trials i did because i wanted to record it in one take and therefore i wasn’t playing with vinyl that long to pulling it from a hat.
For me there are days when I don’t have to do much and the music just flows through me and I’m not overthinking but sometimes itís just a complete mess – so this one, for me, was a good day.
For some reason, I am really attracted by combining different rhythms or styles which are nevertheless pretty similar in the emotion they are emitting to me.
I noticed that I often think in pictures or situations while listening and so it is like making a movie or drawing a picture.

When and where did you started DJing and how has it evolved over the time?

Before I was moving to Dresden, during my apprenticeship, I was doing my first steps with virtual dj just making collages of sounds i liked.
When I came to Dresden, I quickly started to go out. Imagine a 16-year-old young me which spent a lot of time in club Puschkin, going mad to Drum&Bass and Dubstep and dancing his ass of.
My interest grew tremendously and so it came that I stranded in Sektor Evolution for the first time. I was 18 by this time. From then on, I was lost and my interest in doing this “mixing-thing” grew exponentially.
I started saving money and with 20 i bought my first reloop mixer and two 350 CDJs on ebay, which I still have and love.

Ergo Proxy
Ergo Proxy

Not much later friends from ‘AMP//R’ did a party at Sabotage (RIP) – The Modern Age IV – and one of the boys got sick by short notice, so they asked me if I could play instead.
I jumped at the chance…. and it was a complete mess. I was overstrained – so this one wasn’t a good day for me, I guess.
Then I thought: now more than ever! – and I kept on going.
From then on it was only a matter of time until I got myself turntables.
During that time I was looking out for new inspiration on Soundcloud a lot, wich I am obsessed with for years now.
At first it was just a tool to check out if a party would fit my taste of music, but later on, it became an insane pool of inspiration in totally different genres and concepts of music.
Thatís what I took from it and now I gathered a pool of stuff which is able to express different moods. Anyway, I’d say a general preference for moody, cold industrial
and electro evolved.

By now i’m up for almost every source i can get to expand that pool.

I heard you first play at objekt klein a in Dresden. What’s your connection to the club?

oka was something I first heard rumors of during its construction and so i just went to ‘P R O L O G’ when it first opened for a single night.
It was obvious after minutes that this place would be my new home and it has come true.
Strangers became friends. The club did it’s duty and became a social hub for me, meeting familiar faces, discuss, dance etc. etc..
The team started to ask people for help to keep the thing running. I started to work at the bar from time to time and because of that, I also got more in contact with the lovely people.
Some time passed and Toni (Nono) asked me if I’d be interested in taking part of her format ‘Teaser’.
Of course I liked the idea of contributing fresh sounds to it and so we met during that ‘Chris&Cosey’ Track i’m listening to right now

Can you tell us anything about your involvement in the Dresden music scene?

I started as a lone ranger but from the beginning on I had a strong bonding to the folks from AMP//R, not just because they certainly share my taste of music, but also because they are pretty warm hearted people.
I was welcomed pretty open hearted and after hanging out a lot with them I naturally grew into it and it became a little family for me. A bit more than a year ago, we started a new format called ‘CHIFFRE’ in the hybrid bar/club-space Groovestation
where we invite guests to play every second month. Within this format it’s about to book artists which are rarely heard with their approaches on music in Dresden but on top we also had a lot of fun experimenting with
diy-rendered-visuals, teasers and clips.

Semper Party
Semper Party

Together with the mates from ‘AMP//R’ and the fellows from ‘Champloo Music’, ‘Suburbia Squad’, ‘Disco Dilettante’ and the ‘Bartisch Troopers’ we have an annual event called ‘SEMPER II’ running, which is basically also an diy project to bring some rarely booked music to the Detroit of the east. However, it is more focused on a bigger club format, like in Sektor or oka.
Joining forces gave us more possibilities for sure.

Last but not least I’m really happy that I recently got in contact with the NOAR-Crew, a group of young vinyl freaks which are also really in love with the machines (some things already boiling there) and the diy approach on parties.
I am thrilled on what is to come and evolve next.