New jingle, new title, but old concept for the first show. Loyal listeners of our little radio show UV Funk, now called Uncanny Valley Radio, will know about this: In January, host Philipp always looks back, asking some befriended DJs and producers from the Uncanny Valley community about their favorite track of the last year, completely with their own introduction for each song. So, here’s the selection, from uncompromising Acid bangers to sweet Pop songs.


Philipp Demankowski: Christine and the Queens – Girlfriend
Scherbe: Theo Parrish – This Is For You (with Maurissa Rose)
Sneaker: Black Meteoric Star – Freaks Only
Albrecht Wassersleben: Madvillain – All Caps
Ralf from Søjus1: Otis Sandsjö – Tremendoce
Carl Suspect: Duval Timothy – Cold Is Coming
Jacob Stoy: Milan W. – Spa
Johannes Albert: Gustaaf and S_W – Golden Bamboo Salon
Qnete: Salomo – Boundless Waters
Jules Etienne: Raymond Richards – Fossil, Oregon
Massimiliano Pagliara: Global Communication – 5.23
Daniela La Luz: Anna German – Tańczące Eurydyki
Conrad Kaden: Ben Pest – Vim & Vigour
Demian from Ätna: The Streets – I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him
RVDS: Rosaceae – Bakûr
Iron Curtis: Human Beings – The Matrix
CVBox: DHS (Dimensional Holofonic Sound) – Watch The Sky
Götterkreis: Vitalic feat. Miss Kittin – Hans is Driving
Felix Adler: Die Sterne – Du musst gar nix
Gunnar: Andreas Vollenweider – Behind The Gardens – Behind The Wall – Under The Tree…
Olicía: This Is The Kit – Moonshine Freeze
Daniela La Luz Bonus: Peter Schilling – Terra Titanic