Just recently, when Philipp stood in front of  his record shelf, he thought it would be a good time to do an Edits mix. After all he got to know a lot of good music due to that danceable versions. So this UV Funk show is all about Edits. From start to finish. No voiceovers, just music this time. Philipp selected some of his favourite reworks and made a vinyl only mix. Except the last one 🙂

UV Funk is a radio show which is broadcast every third Friday from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Dresden based community radio station coloRadio. Radio listeners in Dresden can tune in to the program on 98,3 or 99,4 MHz. Any other listeners can recall it here. The show is hosted by Philipp Demankowski and is all about stories, interviews and tracks out of the world of Cosmic Electronic Music.

This show was aired on 15th March 2013.


  1. Cole Medina – Cole Loves Your Insides Out
  2. Beatconductor – I Wouldn’t Wanna Be Like You
  3. – Gimme Your Luv (Orestt Re-edit)
  4. – Fox On The Run (Wade Nichols Edit)
  5. – Stripper (Lexx Edit)
  6. J.J. Cale – Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
  7. – Sky Way (Messalina Edit)
  8. Beastie Boys – New York City (Rub N Tug’s Macho Mix)
  9. Raw DMX – Do It To The Funk (Greg Wilson Edit)
  10. Osmonds, The – III (Quiet Village No-edit)
  11. Five Letters – The Kee Tha Tha
  12. Disco Devil – Hippie Dance
  13. Soft Rocks ‎- Umut 2000
  14. – New York Edits 3 A1
  15. Sean Sounds & Rahaan – Rainin Bleedin Boy
  16. – Bon Bon (Leo Zeo Re-Edit)
  17. Fleetwood Mac – You Make Lovin’ Fun (Remix)
  18. Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Krikor Edit)
  19. – I Need You Tonight (H-Track Edit)
  20. Zoom – Flying High (Philipp Demankowski Edit)

UV Funk 012: Edits Special by Uncanny Valley on Mixcloud