It’s no secret that we love vinyl here at Uncanny Valley. So we didn’t have to think long when Alex Ketzer asked the label to take part in his Beyond Plastic project, mixtape in book format about artists and vinyl labels that press music on “black gold”. And there will be a CD with music from these labels that will be included to the book. Alex spent more than one year on the road to visit his favourite labels and “vinyl instititutions” in their everyday surroundings. Besides Uncanny valley the book includes interviews and articles of 60Hertz, Smallville, Liebe*Detail, Pingipung, Acker Records, Decks.de, De:Bug, Giegling, Brothers in Love, Dubplates & Mastering, Aim Vinyl, Fauxpas Musik, Oye Records, Ortloff, Kann, Rand Muzik, Freude am Tanzen and Workshop. Of course there is a 12-Inch compilation that will be released in addition to the book project. Among the artists is our very own Sandrow M. Check the project’s site and the facebook-page to get updates.

You can order the book and give a listen to the CD over here. We kindly recommend to do that.

For UV Funk Philipp and Gunnar talked about the project to Alex via telephone. On top he contributed a great mix for the show. He included only tracks that are typical examples for the particular label’s sound. And here’s a little German text about how Alex got in love with the labels. It’s really fun to read.

UV Funk is a radio show which is broadcasted every third Friday from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Dresden based community radio station coloRadio. Radio listeners in Dresden can tune in to the program on 98,3 or 99,4 MHz. Any other listeners can recall it here. The show is hosted by Philipp Demankowski and Gunnar. It’s all about stories, interviews and tracks out of the world of Cosmic Electronic Music. And watch out! This time it’s in German. 

The show was aired on 20th December 2013.

  1. THIS Intro: Madteo – Untitled [WORKSHOP]
  2. Baumfreund – Chrysanthemum [60Hertz]
  3. Christopher Rau – For You And For Me [Aim]
  4. Benjamin Brunn – Queen Mary [Smallville]
  5. Ferdinand – The Trip [Giegling]
  6. Kotelett & Zadak – Hut Ab [Acker]
  7. Efdemin – Plenum [Kann]
  8. Mod.Civil – B-Funktion [Ortloff]
  9. Thomas Fröhlich – Get Us [Uncanny Valley]
  10. Ricardo Esposito & Michael Nadjé – Ribbed [Brothers In Love]
  11. Wighnomy Brothers – Freiekksemplar [Freude Am Tanzen]
  12. Move D – Anne Will (Jackmate Remix) [Liebe*Detail Spezial]
  13. Yoko Duo – Lack Of Comfort [FAUXPAS Musik]
  14. WOLS – Bathyscape Finds A Music Box [Pingipung]
  15. THAT Sven Weisemann – Giles Remembrance [Gerberei]
  16. Freund der Familie – Goldie Wilson (Edit) [Freund Der Familie]
  17. Rising Sun – Over and Beyond – Final Master [Gerberei]
  18. ;.. – Achim weich [Doumen]
  19. Edward – Der Tag, Zweite Fassung [White]
  20. Outro: O_M_C_D – It_Hard To Be Dub Part 1 [O’RS]

UV Funk 019: Beyond Plastic Special by Uncanny Valley on Mixcloud