Nobody will doubt that New York and London are two of the most prolific examples when it comes to the impact that urban cultures have on Pop music’s history. Whether it’s Hip Hop, Disco or No Wave on one side of the ocean or Dub/Reggae, Punkrock or Calypso on the other side, people from various cultural backgrounds helped to shape the profile of the cities. For the latest UV Funk show Philipp wrote a musical love letter to the sound of now and yesterday in both cities.

Side A: NYC

1. Klein & M.B.O. – The Big Apple
2. Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari – When I Dream Of New York
3. Miroslav Vitous – New York City
4. Tony Wilson – New York City Life
5. Karoll – Banana Split in New York
6. Patty Pravo – New York
7. Steve Reich – New York Counterpoint (Part I)
8. Spyder D – Big Apple Rappin’ (National Rappin’ Anthem)
9. Implog – Hollund Tunnel Drive
10. NYC Peech Boys – Life Is Something Special

Side B: LDN

11. Cornershop – The London Radar
12. Chloe Poems – London Is Paranoid
13. LDN is a Victim – LDN is a victim
14. Pulp – Mile End
15. Wbeeza – London My Home
16. London Punkharmonic Orchestra – Sheena Is A Punkrocker
17. Lord Kitchener – London Is The Place For Me
18. Light Of The World – London Town ’85 (12” Version)
19. Peter Tosh – Buk-In-Hamm Palace

UV Funk is a radio show which is broadcasted every third Friday from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Dresden based community radio station coloRadio. Radio listeners in Dresden can tune in to the program on 98,3 or 99,4 MHz. Any other listeners can recall it here. The show is hosted by Philipp Demankowski. It’s all about stories, interviews and tracks out of the world of Cosmic Electronic Music.

The show was aired on 18th August of 2017.