Everybody hates FIFA. Understandable. However, football in its essence, is a game that has always been able to bring people and cultures together. Even within a team. Then, football is fun. This was partially just the case at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. And since unfortunately music-wise there is only rubbish in the tournament, Philipp thought to contribute the soundtrack himself. The rules are: For each tournament participant there is one favorite song by an artist from the respective country. So no Italo Disco, no Dutch Techno or Highlife from Ghana. But almost everything else. Although it’s not so easy to find out which song is from which country. Have fun!


Mexico: Luis Perez – Suite al Culto Solar – In Altepetl Tonal
Saudi-Arabia: Huti – ‘Amshi fi suq
Morocco: Moqaddem Mohammed ben Salem and ensemble – Third Sqel (Zagora)
Columbia: Meridian Brothers – Guaracha U.F.O (Versión Rebajada)
Argentina: Wooky Toky – Pero Hay Una Melena
Senegal: Fangóól – Mariama
South Korea: Jang Hyun – Pushing Through the Fog
Brazil: Gal Costa – Tuareg
Iran: Googoosh – Talagh
Poland: Czerwone Gitary – Coda
Peru: Nil‘fs Jazz Ensemble – Reflexions
Uruguay: Hugo Fattoruso – Candombe Beat Funk
Nigeria: Steve Monite – Only You
Russia: T. Makačinas – Prie Atminimų Upės
Island: Jakob Magnusson – Madagascar
Denmark: The Seebach Band – Bubble Sex
England: Brian Bennett – Pendulum Force
Tunisia: Carthago – Hanen (Instrumental)
France: Le Club – Un fait divers et rien de plus
Croatia: Zdenka Kovačiček – Elektra
Germany: Silvia – Zuerst ich
Japan: Ryuichi Sakamoto – Traditional Beauty
Australia: Andy Rantzen – Will I Dream
Spain: Esplendor Geométrico – Moscú Está Helado
Portugal: Pop Dell’Arte – Querelle
Belgium: Allez Allez – African Queen
Switzerland: Piero Umiliani & I Suoi Oscillatori – Eliogabalus
Egypt: Al Massrieen – El Sobhiya
Serbia: Boban Petrović – Zajedno Srećni
Sweden: Magnus Uggla – Sommartid
Panama: Fredrick Clake – Soul Chombo
Costa Rica: Walter Ferguson – Carolyne

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The show was aired on 21st July 2018.