Here are two hours of Austropop in all facets from Stirnbands record collection. In his own words: “Vinyl only with one exception: The second track in the intro is the title track of the 1982 debut film Niki Lists “Malaria” aka “Café Malaria”, which I happen to see at the beginning of the 90s in Karlsruhe’s Schauburg in the presence of the director. Colourful cocktails of various subcultures of the New Wave time get their Schmäh here and arouse my interest for the first time in the peculiarity of the Austrian New Wave in film and music (but it takes until the re-release in 2007 on DVD until I will see the film again). It’s also this Schmäh that holds together the eclectic genre term “Austropop” consisting of New Wave, Space Rock, Liedermacher, Poprap, Wiener Blutrausch, Discofunk, Parody and Grotesque.

Spoiler Alert: The first Austria mix that starts with “Konnichiva” and ends with “Sayonara” :)”

Tracklist will follow

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The show was aired on May 19 2019.