Digging is an art form. Thank you very much to anyone who has made it his business to rediscover music and make it accessible to a possibly small but passionate group of music lovers. Meet Maxim Løy and his label Baran Records. Born in the Ukraine and now living in Dresden, Maxim has helped to bring forgotten synth pop and proto techno pearls from the former Soviet Union back to light with almost ten releases now. Furthermore, Baran Records is also home to his own releases under the names Andreuccio Torelli and Elektroherd (together with his friend Pavel Golubovski). Recently Maxim visited Philipp in the coloRadio studio to talk a bit about the label and to listen to some of the music. The talking is in German, but the music is universal.


Andreuccio Torelli – This Not Is To Game
Andreuccio Torelli – Will Always Stay The Same
Elektroherd – Schwarzer Nachtschatten
Elektroherd – Транзисторная боссанова
Elektroherd – Untitled (Abschiedkonzert im Leipzig 2012 live)
Биоконструктор – Телетуризм
Ольга Восконьян – Автомобили
Кофе – Баланс
Президиум – Вдвоём с тобой
Президиум – Звёздный циферблат
Несмеяна – Снежана
Несмеяна – Шуба из Афгана (Таньке-Комбинации)
Вадим Храпачёв – Танец
Дисплей – Робот (Инструментал)

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UV Funk is a radio show which is broadcasted every third Friday from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Dresden based community radio station coloRadio. Radio listeners in Dresden can tune in to the program on 98,3 or 99,4 MHz. Any other listeners can recall it here. The show is hosted by Philipp Demankowski. It’s all about stories, interviews and tracks out of the world of Cosmic Electronic Music.

The show was aired on September 20 2019.