UV Funk 25

This time Albrecht takes us on a journey from West to East Africa and back in the times between 1927 and 2013. Starting with early recordings from 1927 made in London of West African musicians we explore traditional folk music. Going further with recordings from Kenya & Uganda we can hear the developing of recording qualities in the 30’s and 40’s. With the spreading of radio broadcasting and cultural influences from more and more foreign countries we are experiencing the Latinization of West Africa. Stepping into the 60’s and 70’s Rock’n’Roll and Funk is taking over the hearts of musicians from The Congo. Getting a sense where the music is developing till the early 80’s we’re doing a jump to the present. Here we can hear electronic influences and a more modern approach. The last three tracks are recordings made in 2011 in a small village in West Africa while the very last track shows Sven Kacirek combining them with contemporary music production. (For more 80’s and 90’s African Music check our other Afro Funk Special).

UV Funk is a radio show which is broadcasted every third Friday from 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Dresden based community radio station coloRadio. Radio listeners in Dresden can tune in to the program on 98,3 or 99,4 MHz. Any other listeners can recall it here. The show is hosted by Philipp Demankowski and Gunnar. It’s all about stories, interviews and tracks out of the world of Cosmic Electronic Music. But watch out! Mostly it’s in German. 

UV Funk 25: West & East Africa 1927-2013 by Uncanny Valley on Mixcloud



– 1927 – 1929 / West Africa
01 Domingo Justus – Buje
02 Isaac Jackson – Nitsi koko ko ko
03 Ben Simmons – Mu kun sebor wa wu
04 George Williams Aingo – Mi agur bi

– 1938 – 1946 / East Africa
05 Ali & Party – Enyi Wa Hiari
06 Jumbe Ali – Silwezi Tabu
07 Florence – Omwoyo Gwa Mukwano

– 1952 – 1957 / East Africa
08 Andereya Ndombi – Vatali Vano
09 Black Label Band – Sura Mbaya
10 Reuben Imbinkha – Shindu
11 Francis Ouma – Kilindini Mujimupia

– 1960’s & 1970’s West Africa
12 Pedro Gnonnas – Adigbedoto
13 Le Grand Kalle, Don Gonzalo, Manu Dibango – Africa Boogaloo
14 Orchestre OK Jazz – Ven Y Ven Y Ven
15 Orchestre OK Jazz – Micorrason

– 1954 – 1955 DR Congo
16 Adikwa Depala – Matete Paris
17 Adikwa Depala – Yoka Ngal

– 1969 – 1981 West Africa
18 Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Panchos – Okpo Videa Bassouo
19 El Rego Et Ses Commandos – Feeling You Got
20 Gabo & Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo – It’s A Vanity
21 Napo De Mi Armor Et Ses Black Devils – Leki Santchi

– after 2000 DR Congo
22 Kasai Allstars – Tshitua Fuila Mbuloba
23 Konono Nº1 – Kule Kule Reprise

– West Africa
24 Jeri-Jeri – Sama Yaye (with Mbene Diatta Seck)
25 Mukunguni – Matatizo
26 Mukunguni – Gaserego
27 Sven Kacirek – Arsenal Aluny Village