After celebrating the 20th catalogue number with an extensive compilation, Uncanny Valley continues with serious business in the form of Break SL’s long awaited new EP. On “Atlantic Ocean Road” the Uncanny Valley regular returns in top form and with 4 tracks that come across like an acoustic showroom of everything that makes Break SL’s timeless House music so special.

The title track is a perfect example of his sophisticated drumming combined with catchy and dreamy synth work. As the name implies, “Atlantic Ocean Road” feels like the soundtrack to one’s favourite road trip memories. “FM 4 Life” gets alive with jazzy beats, clever sampling and driving yet muddled bass lines.

“Trocadéro” is based on a field recording which Break SL brought home from Paris. Here again, Break SL masterfully combines slightly melancholic vibes with funky rhythmic elements. The record is finished in style with one of those tunes that dancers won’t get out of their head even on their way home from the club. On “Malstrøm”, cheerful synths play beautiful melodies over a dark and groovy bass and the jacking drumming is full of ideas that are subtle but essential.

The cover artwork comes courtesy of David Rost from Dresden. With his tape rendering concept he produced a visual analogy to Break SL’s music and the EP’s title. Stay tuned for a video that will document the creation process.

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