Jacob Korn


After EP1 in summer 2014, Jacob Korn continues the series with the aptly titled “EP2”, a collection of tracks that underline Jacob’s talent to produce Dance Music with appeal for both the main floors as well as Deep House connoisseurs.

On “Bingoparty” Jacob combines elegiac synths with powerful drumming. The reduced instrumentation and subtle progression will surely set dancers in a state of trance. “4 You” is not less moving with its catchy bass line, swirling synths and well matured vocals.

On the flipside “Blue Hours” is a subtler but not less thrilling approach that indeed would be working perfectly as a tribute to the short timed period before sunrise. You can almost smell spring when listening to the track. Finally, “Patternwirtschaft (Drums)” aims at DJs who are looking for drum tools and like to have fun with a good ole’ Tom- and Clap-heavy tune.

Again, the cover artwork comes courtesy of Anna Jaszpataki from Dresden who continues the work she started on EP1.