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Uncanny Valley: Five Years On Parole – gems from the vaults

Believe it or not but Uncanny Valley looks back on five years of releasing records this summer. There was a bit of discussion on how to celebrate this occasion properly. Instead of just turning into the typical Greatest hits-routine the label heads Albrecht, Carl, Conrad and Philipp decided to look back and forth. So, besides a record with completely new material there will be a record that unleashes four tracks from the vaults of these five years. As you can imagine, there are lots of tracks that are good too but doesn’t fit on the record in question because of the whole record’s atmosphere or just because there’s not enough space on the vinyl. But it would be a shame if those tunes stay unreleased forever. So, here’s “Uncanny Valley: Five Years On Parole – gems from the vaults”!

For example, you’ll get “The Music“, this catchy House banger from Jacob Korn and San Soda didn’t fit on Jacob’s debut collaboration album but has seduced so many people to dance since it was produced. The combination of the vocal sample, the catchy piano chords and the percussions are just too hard to resist. Also, “In Circles” by Cuthead is a favourite since its release on the digital-only “Resteessen EP”. No wonder, after all this track has all the ingredients a Cuthead fan is longing for.

Many have waited for another signal of C-Beams, the project from Break SL and Sandrow M. “Beaming City” is not a new song but a wonderful one with its combination of tricky drumming and melancholic synths. It’s a reminder of what is so special about the project. We’ll see what the future will bring for C-Beams. Finally, Credit 00 slows down things and seeks for an “Elsewhere Girl” that seems to hide in dark and spooky swamps.

Besides lots of other artists it was former Dresden and now Berlin based artist Paul Waak who had a formative influence on all the visual aspects of Uncanny Valley. Sure thing that he was the man to create the artwork for both records in true Paul Waak style.