Rivers Edge

Chinaski made his debut on Uncanny with the beloved “Angel Heart” last autumn. Now, Chinaski’s first solo EP for the Dresden based label is at the ready. “Rivers Edge“ is one hell of a ride through the nightmarish and schizophrenic side of House and Disco music.

“Disaster” is a journey through Dark House territory with its Italo-sounds and that catchy synth spiral along the way while “Cash” leans more to the Chicago side of things to merge into a true dance floor killer.

The flipside starts things off with “Lifetime” and an uncompromising bass line. When the beat finally kicks in you’re in the game for anything. “Street” hits the same atmospheric spots but with a slightly sweeter topping over it. Finally, the stomping “Never Look Back” is a fun example for that typical neon-shimmering flavour that shines through all of Chinaski’s productions.

The artwork was created by Marc Krause with the help of Chinaski himself who proves that he knows a thing or two about realizing his visions also visually.

Chinaski — Lifetime from TISSUE on Vimeo.