Do yourself a favour and dance across the floor when listening to the new Jacob Korn-record, aptly titled Son Of GX. The music is heavily based on the good old Yamaha Electone Organ. The home organ for the world’s gentlemen was modified by Jacob himself and is now an integral part of his studio. As you’ll hear it on the EP, it injects a decent dose of fun into Jacob’s vision of House music.

At least, you will instantly notice that when listening to Singlefinger Chord, a track that conquers the floor with its Disco elements. Rumours say that Jacob’s cat toddled on his poor man’s Yamaha CS80 when producing Cats On Organs. If that’s true, the cat provided an irresistible hook to an already slamming, Italo-inspired track. Son Of GX is every bit as compelling as the first two tracks with its synth trumpet glory while the slighty darker Fun Blocks sustains us with heavy percussion works straight out of the Yamaha Electone Organ.

On top, you’ll get a remix for Singlefinger Chord by New York’s Jacques Renault (Let’s Play House) as digital bonus.

Release dates:
16.10.2017 (Vinyl & Bandcamp)
30.10.2017 (digital)

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