As we love our music multifaceted, we love our artwork colorful. So, after PINK, RED, ORANGE and BLUE, we’ll give you GREEN, the fifth out of seven records that we release in celebration of our 50th catalogue number. Again, the captivating artwork is the brainchild of Leipzig’s graphic duo Doppeldenk. And don’t get misled: there are no greenhorns amongst the artists assembled on this EP.

You know that moment when you dance in the club, self-forgotten, the everyday life has no meaning and only those dancers next to you count. Iron Curtis‘ AGAINST MY WINDOW (DAZED MIX) is a pretty perfect soundtrack for this scene. The dreamy pads are an invitation to stop thinking and just enjoy the moment. At the same time, the elegant House affair has enough drum pressure for long lasting dancing extravaganzas. Leipzig’s Perm is coming up with the straightforward and pumping Electro bliss called VLIW, a track that is perfectly balanced in its urgent desire for Metropolis but also heartbreaking moments.

On the flipside there’s the first signal from Uncanny Valley regular CVBox after almost three years without any transmission. In advance to his forthcoming EP he is back in typical fashion, delivering CAT CUT CLAPS, a mean Dub-Acid-monster that wraps you up with inimitable sci-fi narratives coming straight up from his machinery. Finally, we got the first track from Dispo 5000, the new project from our beloved Jacob Stoy, together with his longtime buddy and creative partner Felix Meyer. Their KLINGENBERG is a great jam that mixes up the tender side of House with a Kraut and Cosmic approach.

Release Dates

Bandcamp + Record Stores: 12.02.2020
Download & Streaming platforms: 21.02.2020

Mastered by Jacob Korn at Tailout Studios:
Artwork and Layout by Doppeldenk:
Distributed worldwide by Clone Distribution:

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