Release Dates:
Bandcamp: Vinyl 21.11.2014 + Digital 24.11.2014
All other stores: Vinyl 5.12.2014 + Digital 8.12.2014

Uncanny Valley and Permanent Vacation are joining forces for an Uncanny Vacation! There has always been a lively exchange between Dresden and Munich and both labels are known for releasing a wide variety of music so it was only natural to team up for a joint release.

The record starts off with Permanent Vacation-regular and UK-veteran DMX Krew and his “Astro Logical” which is as sharp and crisp as Electro can go. The bass line strikes hard but he also squeezes some great melancholic synth lines out of his machines. After that, Uncanny Valley’s Sandrow M finally gives access to the much in demand live version of “Prayervan”, a tune that everybody has been singing along during his live sets.

On the flipside, Jacob Korn (who already released on both labels) hands in “Eieiei” which rises on a percussion-heavy drum basement to a discoid House stomper thanks to an irresistible sample straight from an obscure flea market find. Last but not least, Drvg Cvltvre from the Netherlands delivers a tropical House jam. “See You Again” is riding on a funky Disco bass line and creates a warm and cosy atmosphere with a whole bag of sound ideas.

Alexander Dorn aka Credit 00 adds his graphical talents to the record’s sleeve with a brilliant tribute to 1990s adventure video games.

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