Total Sellout

Cuthead got known to the wider public via his releases on Uncanny Valley but his roots reach way back before the label’s start. There was a time when Cuthead and his brothers from another mother threw wild parties at abandoned industrial locations or in the woods around Dresden. The crew, which was known as Kunst:stoff Breakz, also established a label where Cuthead released two albums and one EP as free downloads between 2006 and 2010. Over the years the calls for vinyl versions of those early joints were getting louder and so Uncanny Valley decided to give the best tracks from that era a new life on physical sound carriers and start the “Total Sellout”.

Through refinement and rearrangement 51 tracks were boiled down to a selection of 18 and ended up as an album full of catchy bass lines, heavy beats and sampling excesses. Among the tracks are party starters like the strings-infiltrated “Scissorhands”, “The Poncho” or the ever devastating “Iron Lung” which still kicks like Dubstep has never faded. Since Cuthead has always been heavily influenced by Rap music, there are of course lots of great Hip Hop beats on “Total Sellout”. Either in the form of funky sample studies like “Painquilizer” and “VibraSkit” or in true fashion with Raps by crew member Alibi on “Hidden Track”. Also included on the album are “Rock My Soul” and “All Night Long”, some early examples of Cuthead’s knack for well tempered and super catchy House tracks, while the double-bass driven “Rythmus ́78” shows another jazzy side of him.

Once again, the artwork was conceived and designed by Till Hohmann who already did a brilliant job on last year’s “Everlasting Sunday”.

All tracks were written, produced and mixed by Robert Arnold. The Keyboard on “Karma Vision” was played by Elektrohan. The Saxophone on “Lona” was played by Pierre Giesel.

All tracks are published by Copyright Control.