If you‘re familiar with CVbox‘ music you know that he isn’t the guy for your average Techno track. Formalistic song structures aren’t his thing. When you’ll start to listen to a new CVBox track you’ll don’t know how it will end. His music derives from his deep love for analogue gear and a pretty unique way to deal with it.

On his first album “So ist es im Nadelwald” CVBox rides between the corner points of Techno, Electro and Ambient. The music is infused by an omnipresent darkness that isn’t just there as an end in itself but will definitely give the thrills to listener and dancers. Some of the tracks develop a rarely heard urgency on the dance floor with those dub-influenced swirls or ever-present synth tides while simultaneously preserving a rather intimate atmosphere. Sometimes it’s just an unfamiliar sound that makes the difference that simply comes out of nowhere. One thing is for certain: CVBox is all about atmosphere.

As you can see by the album’s artwork and title (“Nadelwald” is German for softwood forest) The album is also inspired by his passion to go into nature. When he is sick of the whirlwind that is his current hometown Leipzig he disappears into Saxony’s hinterland for collecting mushrooms or just letting the thoughts flow.

Release Dates:
Bandcamp: 16.01.2017 (Vinyl & Digital)
All other stores: 30.01.2017 (Vinyl & Digital)

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