Best of 2022

Welcome to the world's latest annual review. Every January Philipp asks friends from the UV environment what their favorite song of the previous year was. The result is once again a super listenable mix and a tribute to the music itself. Of course, the artists also announce their favorite track themselves. Enjoy!

Uncanny Valley · Uncanny Valley Radio 087 - Best of 2022


  • Philipp Demankowski: Shoko Igarashi - Comfy Place

  • Albrecht Wassersleben: Little Simz feat. Cleo Sol - Woman

  • Acid Adams: Selofan - Auf Deiner Haut

  • Johannes Albert: Schmutz - Love Games (Biesmans Remix)

  • Qnete: Subliminal - Bad Man

  • M.over: Danny Goliger & Nikki Nair - I Like Millions

  • Herzel: Uabos - East Vision

  • Iron Curtis: Atlantic Brain - Olivetti Dreams (Prins Thomas Edit)

  • Resom: Pj Bridger - Whitney Houston - Its Not Right But Its Ok (Pj Bridger Refix)

  • CVBox: Aquarian - Mutations II: Delicious Intent

  • zirqule: Birds ov Paradise - Dionysus

  • Scherbe: Ulla - For Your Love

  • Sneaker: Zodiak - The Final Voice

  • Alphonsine Koh: Arca - Fireprayer (Blood of Aza Remix)

  • Jacob Stoy: Oxhy feat. Elysia Crampton - Psalms Of The Khori-Puma

  • Conrad Kaden: Die Sterne - Hallo Euphoria

  • Carl Suspect: perila - Fallin Into Space

  • Götterkreis: Angelo Badalamenti - Into the Night