DJ Balduin

Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 089 - Dj Balduin

Where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind where you in?

The mix is kind of a love-letter to my flat. Six months ago I decided to live alone in my apartment. The room I usually subrented is now my studio space. I am constantly changing things in my flat and it is  becoming more and more my beautiful, private castle. Even though it has  its little quirks, it is truly what I call home right now. Especially  during these times. The songs are arranged in Ableton Live with  additional recordings from in and around the house. Even the neighbours kid (Hallo Tarik!) has a feature in it.

(c) by Felix Adler

What made the biggest impact on your style of djing?

I’ve always had a lot of respect for DJs who are courageous and take  risks without losing the crowd. The Wighnomy Brothers were really a good  example of this and they definitely inspired me in my early days.  Another huge shift was starting to play together with yet unseen as  Feuerbach (who made also a fantastic podcast for UV, go check it). I’ve listened to many styles of music before, but only played dancefloor music. Since Feuerbach there is a whole new world of sound unfolding  right infront of me. And it definitely influences my style when I play  for the bootyshakes.

Is there a record that triggered your interest in collecting music or 
even start to perform in front of an audience and why this one?

Not a record, but I most definitely remember the first time I heard a  seamless transition between two songs. I was 15 and it was on a catholic  church party. Someone mixed Texas – Summer Sun into Bloodhound Gang –  The Bad Touch. I’m pretty sure it was just the technician flexing his skills, because after that the songs dropped just one after another  again. That experience quite stuck with me. At one point while browsing a friends shared hard drive on a LAN-Party I stumbled upon a file called  “DJ Tiësto – Live @ Energy 2000.mp3”. If mp3s could wear out, this one only would have some Kilobytes left. It is that much I listened to this set. I realized that DJs are doing nothing else but creating these magical catholic church party moments, so I wanted to do that too. I saved some money and bought my first turntables when I turned 16.

What’s your record label all about and who are the people involved?

Fabian (yet unseen) gave already a nice summary about GLYK in his Interview for the UV Podcast. Dj Ony aka Amond and yet unseen are key  figures when it comes to the parties that we’ve created so far. And I am always happy to work with Lino Rex and Maut K who organize their own ambient happenings in Weimar called “Plazentaraum”. As a label, GLYK is  my playground and I am always happy to invite people to play with me on  it. I am not sure where all of this is heading, but it just feels great to create this world where music, art and happenings are intertwined.

GLYK · GLYKMIX27 / felde - Das bebende Chaos

Where there certain spots / spaces / places / clubs that had an early 
impact on you and is this space also echoing in your work in a certain way?

The catholic church party. That party was sick man. Had a lot of Coke. I  don’t drink it that often anymore though.

(c) Felix Adler

What are your projects for the next time?

I really want to make music that isn’t dancefloor oriented. It’s hard for me though, at some point kick, clap and hihat always seduce me.

Finally, what’s the piece of music that keeps you currently sane in the 
corona crisis?

Talk Talk – Laughing Stock and
DJ Healer – Nothing 2 Loose


  • Keyeke – Morphosis
    Guy Contact – Kawai K4
    Eden Burns – Moggie’s Exit
    5ive – Entropy
    Chuck Jonkey – Mating Dance
    Stone Cold – Pikey’s Groove
    Barac – Return To Eden
    Carlos Nino & Friends – Aetheriaztlan
    Point G – Talk (Sergie Rezza Remix)
    Malin Genie & Selidos – Come the Morning
    Eddie Ness – Where Is The Shredmaster
    Wayne Gardiner Presents Trackmasters – The Basement Jam
    Matana Roberts – Shoes Of Gold
    John Selway – Wraecca
    Prins Thomas – Graut
    Dr Balduin – 2 Five (Iron Curtis Signal 2 Signal Mix)
    Jbel Ayachi – Mnich
    Marc Bianco – Glaspe Not
    Malibù – Nana (Like A Star Made For Me)
    Malin Genie – Dimlove
    Dr. Motte & Westbam – Sunshine (Dj Balduin’s Sparkling Dew Ambient Mix)