Sandrow M

Sandrow M does not only know pretty much everybody in Dresden’s electronic music community, he is also an active member and contributor to its development and likewise to its social life. Whether it was with his former label Etui Records or now as an intergral part of Uncanny Valley’s artist roster. His idea of Techno and House is distinctly marked by a love of experimentation resulting from his musical occupation with Jazz, IDM, film music or even classical music. After everything started with the label he soon got together with Break SL. C-Beams was born. Currently on hold, C-Beams is still on a mission to bring their charming tracks and thrilling synthesis of a DJ and live set to the people.

After his contribution “The Three Trees” for the UV010-compilation, he delivered the “Prayervan EP” in 2013. His first solo record for Uncanny Valley is a perfect example for both his comprehensive taste in music and his production skills. Also, his remix for Alex Ketzer’s “Falling Off” was released on UV015 and a live version of his indestructible “Prayervan” is featured on “Uncanny Vacation”. And don’t forget the groovy “Space Dancer” he put together with K_Chico for the UV20-compilation.  In 2015 it was his “Kuiper Belt Rose“-EP that made people smile on the dance floor. The latest contribution is the party bomb “Disco Schlamboni”, which he made together with his studio partner Will Dubner.

In recent years Sandrow M has also intensified his work as a composer of theatre music. He regularly collaborates with companys from Dresden and beyond. Furthermore, he has proven that he is always in the mood for new projects with the radio play music for the children’s book “Die Dörte und der Unkönig Willy”.

Sandrow M · Fuerst Last (Live At Alaunhall)

Sandrow M - Prayervan (80s VHS Version) from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

Alex Ketzer - Falling Off (Sandrow M Remix) from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.