Do you miss CVBox? You are not alone. There are a lot of people that are longing for a new sign of life from this mysterious figure. Presumably, he’s wandering around in the forests of the Zittauer Gebirge or is selling mushrooms from Saturn at a Dresden based farmers market. Anyway, the number of CVBox-aficionados keeps growing. And here’s the good news: Three years after his album SO IST ES IM NADELWALD on Uncanny Valley, there is a new EP called TeqNoTv coming up with music ready to soundtrack not only the sky-high amplitudes of your life.

The record opens up with VIO LINE, a rather straight Techno excursion that was recorded in one take in typical CVBox style. What is starting as an Acid narration for foresters evolves then into a Rave master class where even your techno-sceptical friends are picked up for a wild ride. SUPER 78 is CVBox to the bone with its dubby feel and a late lift off, accentuated by swirling synths.

Then you get TOTAL CV that is constantly shoveling its elements onto a sharp-edged pile of Techno bliss before it’s stripped down again by a dreamy symphony of synths. Finally, there is ON/OFF (AUTOETHER), a quick and dirty lesson in dance music on the edge of clinical purity and heart-warming atmosphere. There’s just no other Techno wizard that does things like CVBox does.