Cuthead is the Hip Hop-cat of the Uncanny Valley artists. His crew Kunst:stoff Breakz, renown in Dresden for wild parties at changing locations and altercations with local authorities, had initially strictly been a Hip Hop posse until one day all rappers were locked away and the word breakz in their name finally gained significance.

Although he never moved away from Hip-Hop completely his beats have become straighter and his sounds more electronic, not only after taking part in the Red Bull Academy in Barcelona in 2008. Nevertheless, he is not restricting himself to a single genre but producing what he can get his hands on such as Wonky, Dub, Dubstep, Techno, House and IDM/ Electronica – all of which can be heard on his brilliant download-only albums ‘Murdoc’ and ‘City Slicker’. For Uncanny Valley he is not only responsible for the hits “The Sinner” and “Unacceptable Moustache Style” but also for the awesome “Brother EP” which features both House and Hip-Hop tracks. Not to mention his UV015 contribution “Splenda Daddy”. In winter 2013 “Everlasting Sunday” saw the light of day, an EP with room for his two musical love affairs. There is a side with House music while the flipside is just for Hip Hop. “Total Sellout” from 2014 was his first full length effort. Although it wasn’t an official album but rather a compilation of the best tracks from earlier releases he gave away for free via digital channels. Nevertheless it helped to underline his status as one of the slickest producers of House music nowadays. On the 2015 produced “Give’n’Take” he assembles three like minded producers as well as two Cuthead-tracks. And in 2016 the world saw the “Return Of The Sample Jesus“. It was his responsibility to care for hope and sonic destruction.

And when it comes to shooting a video, he usually likes to do it himself. Scroll down to convince yourself he’s quite talented at this.

Cuthead · Che

Cuthead - Vibratin from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

Jacob Porn & Cunthead - h4mf from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

Cuthead - The Sinner from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.